Market Information

The salient features pertaining to Trading, Clearing and Settlement in the SME Platform are as under:

  • Time : Trading in the aforesaid segment can be done during the normal trading session on the BSE trading platform.
  • Tick size : The tick size in respect of trades executed in the BSE SME segment is same as applicable in the compulsory rolling settlement segment.
  • T + 2 basis : The trading, Clearing and Settlement in the SME segment is done on a T+2 basis.
  • Trading Lot size : The minimum application and trading lot size shall as per the guidelines laid down by SEBI vide their circular dated 21st February, 2012. The minimum depth shall be one lot.
  • Trading Participants : All market participants are allowed to trade in the BSE SME scrips.
  • Take up/ Give up : Facility of give-up / take-up of trades by member brokers to custodial clearing members are allowed in the said BSE SME scrips.
  • Trades : Trades done in BSE SME scrips are required to be compulsorily settled in demat mode.
  • Close-out / Auction : The procedure of auction / close-out of shortages pertaining to BSE SME group scrips are similar to that followed in respect of scrip's traded in the compulsory rolling settlement segment.
  • Shortages : Shortages in respect of "M" group scrips would be auctioned and those of "MT" group would be directly closed-out.
  • Settlement : The BSE SME scrips which are listed under the "M" group (trading and clearing & settlement is done on a net basis) and those listed under "MT" group (trading and clearing & settlement done on gross basis).